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Throughout my college application process, Jackie was always available to help me edit essays and meet deadlines, making the entire process less stressful. She also connected me with Lori for interview prep, which was essential for not only my applications, but also allowed me to gain new personal skills. My family and I send a big thanks to Jackie for supporting me and helping me get into U Mich, my dream school. Student, Chicago, IL
University of Michigan
Jackie was a huge help in my daughter's college application process. We started working with her right after junior year. She not only made sure that the applications moved along over the summer, but also that they were all submitted by the early action deadline, which led to several early acceptances. The best part was that she took me out of the equation, keeping my relationship with my daughter intact throughout the process! Parent, Chicago, IL
What differentiates Jackie from other advisors is the level of investment she makes in each client. Keeping her caseload selective allows her the time to become an expert not only in each client, but in his/her school system as well. Combined with her impeccable credentials and her deep knowledge of college admissions, Jackie provides specialized guidance that you would not find elsewhere. Parent, Armonk, NY
With her wonderfully well thought out plan that merged the patience and understanding of a professional educator with a profound knowledge of the college admissions process, Jacqueline Pravda of Northstar Advisors taught our son Alex how to develop his own strategies to evaluate the colleges he wanted to attend. He enjoyed every meeting and with her guidance his confidence increased by leaps and bounds. With the principles she laid out, he was able to pen his own applications and get into nearly every college he applied to. We're deeply grateful, thank you Jackie. Parents, New York, NY
You were an invaluable source throughout the college process, from beginning to end. You helped me through every step, from creating a balanced and practical list of schools, to actually applying to them. The process can be incredibly daunting, but I always felt comfortable knowing that you were there as a constant, caring resource. Thanks for everything! Student, Scarsdale, NY
Washington University
We have known Jackie for over six years, and can say with conviction she helped guide our two sons through the college application process with the care, attention, and professionalism, which would benefit any student. Jackie is flawless with her knowledge of the requirements and paperwork that needs to get done. But more importantly, she takes the time to get to know her candidates personally. Our family felt she was excellent at suggesting not only specific colleges, but also at helping create strategies during our sons' high school years, which aided them greatly in achieving the outcomes they desired. Read more...
Jackie's ability to help make the process both interesting and exciting is key, as it helps alleviate a stress for both the students and parents. For years even before our sons were in high school, we heard about the stress of the college application process. With Jackie's guidance, knowledge, and ability to connect with our kids, it was more enjoyable than stressful. Our sons are now both thriving in the midst of their college years at schools we feel match their personalities and academic abilities. We feel extremely lucky to have had this journey with Jackie for both of our sons.
Parents, Los Angeles, CA
Macalester College and Sarah Lawrence College
Jackie was such a tremendous help through this process. She's beyond thorough, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with. Thank you! Parent, Scarsdale, NY
Tulane University
You offered us school options (Bucknell) that our very expensive private school didn't even mention. You got to know [our daughter's] personality and what might be a good fit (she is very happy). You also made the writing and application process for a kid that was having some emotional difficulties with the process (maybe risk of failure) much easier to manage for the family. You clearly know the age group and motivations/insecurities. It made our family relationship less caustic. Parent, Boston, MA
Bucknell University
Thank you for everything you did for Ryan and myself! It was very tough year for kids getting into their top choices. At least that's what we saw at [his school] and some other schools near by. Pepperdine is a blessing. And the possibility of playing D1 is beyond exciting! Thanks again for all your help and patience. And without saying, we will of course recommend you to any and all of our friends. I actually already have. Parent, Los Angeles, CA
Pepperdine University
Hey Jackie! I was thinking of you today [and] wanted to tell you how thankful I am to have had you guide me during my transfer process, you found Maymount Manhattan and it has been the best place for me. Hope you are doing well!! Student, Los Angeles, CA
Marymount Manhattan College
Thanks again for all the help.... I have given your contact info to several friends. Skylar recently commented how your guidance helped her make [her personal statement] much better. My younger daughter is in 8th grade, and... we will for sure work with you when she's a senior!! Parent, Chicago, IL
Tulane University
Simply stated, Jackie is a great support to our son and to his mother and I. So you know Jackie was at our other son's school - where my wife was on the Board - and when she told us she was leaving to re-establish her private work, we asked her to "take our son Jake with her".
Jacob is the fourth of our children - so it is a path we have been down before - and this is the first time we have retained someone to assist in the process - and I wish we had done it sooner. Read more...
Jackie understands the stress our son is going through - and gently pushes and prods him to get through it. She works with him to understand the process - not to tell him what to do, but to allow him to focus upon what is important to him. She helps him ask the right questions, for him, which are different than what our other children needed to ask. She sets a schedule and process for him, that makes him commit to do things timely, but without undue pressure.
When traveling, Jake and Jackie skype together and he always is very comfortable to shoot her an email, to which she promptly responds. She has worked with Jake to promptly craft his essays, so that while they are clearly his work she has insured that his best voice comes through. All in all, she takes the time to learn the child and then works to have the applications reflect the best of our son. She also works great with his mom and me, so our input is factored in. We are kept abreast of what he is doing, without having to stand over him. To be honest, this factor alone would make it worth the fee. Like perhaps every parent, we have specific concerns and would like them considered in the selection process. We have literally gone with him to see schools from Boston to LA and looked at some online with him in all regions of the country. The finalization of his list, to which he is completing his applications at this time (and does include a combination of schools large and small and from Massachusetts to California) are due to the collaborative process Jackie fosters. Simply put she is worth every penny we are paying her - and then some.
Parent, Los Angeles, CA
University of Southern California
Jackie, thanks so so much for your help with our son's college application process. Your wisdom and experience were invaluable throughout the very grueling college application process. He got into NYU Tisch film school, his dream and top choice college and department. Parent, Los Angeles, CA
New York University
Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. We have all thoroughly enjoyed working with you and benefited from your guidance. Parent, Scarsdale, NY
Two Children at Harvard University
I have heard back from everywhere and thought I should share the news with you. I was admitted to all but one school. I got into two honors programs (very exciting) and got two full merit scholarships (also very exciting). I wanted to thank you for all of your help throughout the entire process, from the beginning to the end. You were very supportive and really helpful. Student, Bergen County, NJ
Binghamton University
First, thank you! [You] were very helpful and successful [in supporting our daughter]. We were just discussing yesterday that there were some juniors at [her] school to whom she was going to mention you. Happy New Year and thanks again! Parent, Newton, MA
Tulane University
HOORAY! Ryan is in! We want to thank you for everything you did for him. Your constant encouragement and positive attitude helped him to mature and succeed, not only as a student but as a complete young man. You were an outstanding counselor, friend, and supporter. Ryan truly benefited from your openness and guidance. Parent, Scarsdale, NY
Syracuse University
In my 18 years of admissions experience, I have found few colleagues I enjoy working with more. I find Jackie to be a wonderful advocate for her students, honest, direct and sincere. Her follow through is amazing as is her way with words! She is a joy to work with. Admissions Director
George Washington University
If I were a student, I would certainly want Jacqueline Pravda as my advocate. She is a trusted colleague and dear friend. In my current role as Vice President of Admissions & Financial Aid, I have had the great fortune to have worked with many dedicated counselors across the country. In my opinion, Jackie Pravda is the professional "gold standard." Former Vice President of Admissions & Financial Aid
Bennington College
Jackie takes her time with each client/student and meets them where they are at in their process. Not only does she help with applications and essays but Jackie also encourages accountability and motivates her clients/student to want to do their best work. Her dedication to seeing her students/clients succeed is unmatched. Therapist, Los Angeles, CA

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